As we ramp up for this weeks political shenanigans, we have to look at the lingering effect of Bernie Sanders. This guy has balls of steel for a man of his age.

While it seems improbable that he has any chance whatsoever in securing the democratic nomination, many of Hillary Clinton's sins of the past still loom on the horizon. If she were in fact to be indicted on the miscellaneous charges pending, it could create just the crack that Bernie Sanders needs to stick his head into a leading contender position.

The final game changers which will impact not only Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump, will be the selection of a running mate and the game changing implications that come with this choice.

We do not have to go to far back in our memories to remember how Senator John McCain’s campaign sunk like a rock after his choosing of Sarah Palin, so the days and weeks ahead are going to be fun filled and news-making to say the very least.

Until we meet again!



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    Function: adjective

    of, relating to, or involving members of two parties ;specifically :marked by or involving cooperation, agreement, and compromise between two major political parties -Government leaders hope to achieve a bipartisan domestic or foreign policy.